Unsolved Murders

Jean Townsend

Age: 21

Sex: female

Date: 15 Sep 1954

Place: Angus Drive, Ruislip, Middlesex

Source: en.wikipedia.org

Jean Townsend was found dead on waste land near to the junction of Victoria Road and Angus Drive in Ruislip, Middlesex on 15 September 1954.

She had been strangled with her own scarf. She was found about three quarters of a mile from her home in Bempton Drive, Ruislip Moor. She was discovered by a workman in long grass a few feet from the footpath. She had spent the previous evening with friends and later in the evening had left for home. The waste ground she was found on was on the direct route from South Ruislip Underground station to her home.

A woman that lived near to where Jean Townsend's body was found said that on the night she heard a woman scream about midnight and shortly after two men arguing.

The murder was known as the Pyramid Girl murder because of her membership of the Pyramid Club chain-letter introduction club.

*map pointers are rough estimates based on known location details as per Place field above.

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