Unsolved Murders

Charles Clarke

Age: 59

Sex: male

Date: 29 May 1930

Place: Steel Age, Royal Albert Docks, North Woolwich, London

Source: www.truecrimelibrary.com

Charles Clarke was stabbed 4 times in his bunk on the American steamer Steel Age that was lying in the Royal Albert Docks at the time.

The steamer had earlier been out at sea for 35 days and when it reached port a number of the crew had got drunk. Charles Clarke was found the next morning in his bunk. It was thought that he had been stabbed with a clasp knife similar to one found in a Swedish boatswain's cabin. Charles Clarke had also earlier had a scuffle with another seaman on the night of 29 May 1930.

The Swedish boatswain from the same ship was charged with his murder but acquitted.

The Swedish boatswain, when questioned, gave three different accounts for how he had injured his thumb and Charles Clarke's knife was found in his cabin but the Swedish boatswain said that Charles Clarke had lent it to him so that he could cut some ropes.

At the trial a Home Office Analyst said that he found no bloodstains on the knife and that it was therefore unlikely that it had been used to cause the wounds on Charles Clarke.

After the Home Office Analyst gave evidence the foreman of the jury said that they wanted to stop the case as they were of the opinion that there was no evidence to connect the Swedish boatswain with the crime.

*map pointers are rough estimates based on known location details as per Place field above.

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