Unsolved Murders

Kenneth Murrells

Age: 50

Sex: male

Date: 31 May 1994

Place: Victoria Lane, Harlington, Middlesex

Source: www.truecrimelibrary.com

May Murrells and Kenneth Murrells were killed at the same time in different locations.

May Murrells was found dead at her home in Weymouth Avenue, Hillingdon while her husband Kenneth Murrells was found dead at a paddock in Victoria Lane, Harlington where they had kept horses. However, the police said that it was unlikely that Kenneth Murrells had been murdered where he was found.

May Murrells's body was found slumped in her lounge by her son on the Tuesday evening of 31 May 1994.

Kenneth Murrells's body was found the following morning.

It was said that they were a reclusive couple who rarely opened their windows and suggested that they would have known who murdered them and that it was unlikely to have been a stranger.

They had both been stabbed to death in frenzied attacks that had been carried out in the same way indicating that they had been murdered by the same person. They both had multiple stab wounds.

The police said that robbery was not the motive and that nothing had been taken and that their house had not been ransacked.

Kenneth Murrells was a retired Metropolitan policeman.

The police appealed for anyone that had seen their metallic light blue Nissan Prairie car, registration number A552 UUV in the Hayes or Harlington areas around the 31 May 1994 to come forward.

Their funeral took place at 2pm on Wednesday 25 January 1995 at Breakspear Crematorium.

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