Unsolved Murders

Nick Whiting

Age: 43

Sex: male

Date: 8 Jun 1990

Place: Rainham Marshes, Essex

Nick Whiting was found dead on Rainham Marshes on 2 July 1990.

He was a millionaire and had been kidnapped and murdered and then dumped in the marshes.

He was stabbed nine times and shot twice. The police said that they thought that he had been beaten, bound and gagged and then put into the boot of a car before being taken to the marshes and then frog-marched for two miles before being shot in the head and buried.

He had gone missing on 7 June 1990. He had run All Car Equipe in Wrotham Heath, Kent and when he went missing, so did five high-performance cars from his garage, although they were all recovered within a few days.

His body was found buried in the marshes after the police received a tip-off.

A man was charged with Nick Whiting's murder in July 1990 but later released.

Nick Whiting was said to have been involved in the Brink's-MAT robbery and was thought to have been shot because he was thought to have been an informant. He was said to have been a close friend with another high-profile person that was also associated with the Brink's-MAT robbery and who had later been found with some of the gold.

He was the first in a long list of people associated with the robbery who died under suspicious circumstances.

He was buried at West Kingsdown in Kent on Thursday 15 November 1990.

He was a former British saloon car champion driver.

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