Unsolved Murders

Amina Khatun

Age: 24

Sex: female

Date: 30 Dec 1994

Place: Washington, Tyne and Wear

Amina Khatun was found stabbed to death in her home.

She was attacked at about 11.10pm on Friday 30 December 1994. She had suffered multiple injuries including stab wounds to her throat.

A man was arrested and charged with her murder, but the case against him was discontinued.

Her three-year-old daughter was thought to have witnessed the murder and said that three girls attacked her mother. Following, the three-year-old daughter called relatives in the Midlands who then called the police who arrived at the house soon after.

The three-year-old girl said that she had been in the house with Amina Khatun and her 18-month-old sister and younger brother. The father had gone out at about 4.45pm to go to work in Newcastle upon Tyne.

The three-year-old daughter said that a pretty girl came to the house and 'took pan', the equivalent of being offered a cup of tea in Bangladeshi culture, made from a leaf with rose petals, nuts or berries that was rolled up and chewed. However, she said that sometime later, a fight broke out between the pretty girl and Amina Khatun which was then joined by two other girls who were also there.

The three-year-old daughter described the girls as 'fossa', which was an Asian term used to describe clothing as casual, scruffy, or not Asian.

When the police arrived, they found no signs of a forced entry and said that they thought that Amina Khatun had known her murderer.

At the time, the police said that they were taking measures to protect the three-year-old daughter.

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