Unsolved Murders

Ann Myring

Age: 46

Sex: female

Date: 25 Jun 1997

Place: Stoke Gifford, Bristol

Ann Myring vanished in 1997 after leaving work on 25 June.

Her husband was tried for her murder but acquitted. They had been married for 24 years.

Ann Myring had been a clerical worker at Hewlett Packard whilst her husband had worked for Rolls Royce.

Her Vauxhall Carlton car was later found at her home parked in the drive but she was never seen again. Her husband and son however, said that they had seen her that evening and her husband said the next day that Ann Myring had gone off to a health farm for the weekend. However, he later said on the following Monday that Ann Myring had left him.

She had met her husband when she was 18 in the New Inn in Patchway in 1971 and they were married two years later. At the time of her marriage Ann Myring had worked for the Avon and Somerset police in the criminal records department, however, she left and had two children.

Later on, she and her husband became involved with the local cub and scout groups in Filton where her husband started an affair with a woman. It was said that the affair was no great secret but that Ann Myring seemed to be the last person to know about it.

Ann Myring's mother later developed throat cancer and had an operation to remove a large tumour after which she had to be fed through a tube and in the early part of 1997 Ann Myring was constantly with her mother. After the operation to remove the tumour, which was the size of an egg, her mother required a tube for feeding which she had for about a year. Later, her mother developed a second lump which was thought to be another tumour. However, Ann Myring vanished around that time and it was noted that if she was still alive she would have called to check on her mother and to find out about the tests done on the second newer lump that had appeared.

Ann Myring's mother said that she and Ann Myring were very close, and that Ann Myring would take her out once a week and said that there was no way that she would not have come to see her and said that she was convinced that she was dead. She said that Ann Myring would never have walked out on her family and noted that Ann Myring had idolised her husband.

It was alson noted that it was not like her to not get in touch with her children.

After Ann Myring vanished her bank account was also not used.

During the last week that Ann Myring was at the house her children said that she and her husband had been arguing quite a lot and that they went off on frequent drives to talk away from the children. The children said that they thought that they were going off to talk about money but said that they didn't think that there was anything seriously wrong with their relationship.

After Ann Myring failed to contact anyone she was reported missing to the police who then conducted a large national and international search and an appeal was made by the National Missing Persons' Helpline.

Later, in October 1997, Ann Myring's husband and his lover that he had met at the cub and scout groups were arrested. His lover was later released but Ann Myring's husband was charged with her murder on 7 October 1997.

At the trial the court heard that Ann Myring's husband had killed her so that he could start a new life with his lover although he denied that and was acquitted in December 1999. The trial lasted three weeks and the jury took less than three hours to find him not guilty.

Ann Myring's husband had been on bail for two years during which he had had to stay away from his family and had been initially placed in a hostel in Weymouth.

The police said that they were convinced that Ann Myring was dead, saying, 'Does a woman leave home leaving nine single shoes, all her make-up, her jewellery, and all her money?'.

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