Unsolved Murders

Barry Rubery

Age: 68

Sex: male

Date: 29 Apr 2010

Place: Crossing Cottage, Latteridge Road, Iron Acton


Barry Rubery was killed at his home.

He was found lying face down in his conservatory covered in blood by a friend at 8am. His ankles and wrists had been bound with electrical flex and cable ties.

He lived at Crossing Cottage in Iron Acton which was on a large area of land on which he would rent out storage units. The cottage was notable for the red telephone boxes in the garden and its proximity to the level crossing.

He was last seen alive the previous evening when he was dropped off by a friend at 10.45pm outside his home. When he had returned he had been wearing a black suit and carrying a briefcase.

The briefcase was found on the garden path and it was thought that his attackers might have been lying in wait for him as he went up to his house.

There were signs of a struggle and evidence that he had then been dragged from the garden into his house.

His house had been rummaged through with drawers and cupboards opened and several things were missing including a gold masonic pocket watch, an old Makita drill, keys, a Nokia 3310 mobile phone and an extension lead.

The cause of death with given as being due to a significant and sustained physical assault.

Barry Rubery had a boxing background and it was thought that he would have put up quite a struggle.

It was thought that he had been attacked by one or more men. It was also thought that the motive had been burglary.

Police were looking for a dark Land Rover Defender that had been seen outside his cottage earlier on the 28 April around 10.30pm.

*map pointers are rough estimates based on known location details as per Place field above.

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