Unsolved Murders

Caroline Mary Luard

Age: 65

Sex: female

Date: 24 Aug 1908

Place: Seal Chart, Seven Oaks, Kent

Source: en.wikipedia.org

Caroline Luard was found face down in a pool of blood on the balcony of a summerhouse.

She was the wife of the Lord of Ighthem Knoll.

The summerhouse was in grounds attached to Frankfield.

Caroline Luard and her husband had left their home to go for a walk and when they reached the wicket gate to the woods at 3pm they split up, her husband going off to the Golden Crown Golf Course for golf clubs as they had intended leaving the Knoll at the weekend.

A farm hand said he heard shots at 3.30pm coming from the direction of the summerhouse.

When the husband got back he found that Caroline Luard was not there and so he went to look for her at the summerhouse where he found her at 5.15pm.

She had been shot at close range, the bullet entering the cheek just below the left eye and going upwards which had left a slight black mark.

She was then shot again at close range behind the right ear which left a heavy black mark around the wound.

Her hands had been pulled back and three rings had been pulled from her fingers.

*map pointers are rough estimates based on known location details as per Place field above.

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