Unsolved Murders

Veronica Anderson

Age: 42

Sex: female

Date: 25 Aug 1991

Place: Tannery Lane, Penketh, Warrington

Source: www.cheshire.police.uk

Veronica Anderson was found dead in her blue Cortina car in Tannery Lane, Penketh with her throat cut.

Police found a bloodstained glove at the scene as well as a length of cord similar to window sash cord. Police said that forensic analysis showed that the glove had been in contact with Veronica Anderson and beleived that the killer had left if behind.

They were also looking for a man that was seen in the Crown and Cushion pub on  Warrington Road in Penketh about 10.30pm with a woman that matched Veronica Anderson's description. He was described as white, with mousy coloured short hair, neat and wispy and had a mousy coloured moustache, cut neatly into the corners of his mouth. He was also described as being in his late 30s/early 40s, with a thin face, to the extent that his temples appeared sunken and was described as slim and wearing a fawn coloured jacket.

The location where she was found was a location often used by drug users and was patrolled by the police who were there at 10.45pm and didnt see Veronica Anderson's Cortina.

The registration of her car was given as PCX 38X.

*map pointers are rough estimates based on known location details as per Place field above.