Unsolved Murders

Tim Parry

Age: 12

Sex: male

Date: 25 Mar 1993

Place: Bridge Street, Warrington, Cheshire

Source: www.cheshire.police.uk

Tim Parry and Johnathan Ball died in a Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) bomb attack.

The IRA planted two bombs in waste bins in Bridge Street, Warrington in revenge for three arrests of their members following an earlier incident.

The bombs exploded minutes apart and injured a total of fifty-six people. The first bomb exploded at 12.27pm on 20 March 1993. It was said that no warning over the bombs had been made.

Johnathan Ball died in the explosion whilst Tim Parry died five days later in Walton Hospital in Liverpool.

At the time, Tim Parry had been out shopping for football shorts, part of the Everton football strip, the team he supported.

Johnathan Ball had been out to buy a Mother's Day card with his babysitter.

The IRA claimed responsibility for the attack, but the people responsible were never caught.

The bombs had been planted following an earlier series of bombings that had resulted in the police arresting three members of the IRA.

On Thursday 25 February 1993 three members of the IRA broke into a gas storage depot in Warrington and planted some Semtex bombs. However, they were interrupted by a police officer who was patrolling the area who they shot. Of the bombs that they planted, only one went off and no one was injured.

Following the attack, the police arrested three men suspected of being members of the IRA.

However, it was said that the bombs planted in Bridge Street were done so in retaliation for the arrests.

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