Unsolved Murders

Alan Morris

Age: unknown

Sex: male

Date: 31 Dec 1998

Place: Walker Street, Hoole

Source: www.cheshire.police.uk

Alan Morris was stabbed outside his home.

His girlfriend was acquitted of his murder.

At the trial it was heard that Alan Morris and his girlfriend had been out at the Sea Breeze restaurant and the Faulkner Arms in Hoole earlier in the night and had later had a row. It was heard that his girlfriend then stormed off but Alan Morris had followed her because he had wanted the keys to his house. It was said then that his girlfriend went upstairs in the house and then heard a bang and when she came downstairs she saw Alan Morris clutching his chest.

His girlfriend said 'He had blood on his shirt. I lifted it up and there was some sort of slit in his chest. I did not know what it was but it looked like a stab wound. I did not stab Alan. I've given a truthful explanation of what happened.'.

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