Unsolved Murders

Kenneth Brown

Age: 56

Sex: male

Date: 26 Aug 1994

Place: Hunters Lodge, Barrow Upon Soar

Source: www.thisisleicestershire.co.uk

Kenneth Brown was shot dead at his farmhouse near Loughborough.

He was discovered in a chicken coup at Hunter’s Lodge, Barrow upon Soar on Friday 26 August 1994 by a cleaner. He had a single gunshot wound to the chest.

It was thought that he had been dead for up to 12 hours before he was found. The police said that they knew that Kenneth Brown would normally go out to the outbuildings around the time it got dark to put the chickens and geese away for the night and observed that seeing as his body was found in the outbuildings that it was possible that he had confronted his killer between 8pm and 11pm on the Thursday evening.

The police said that he spoke to a person on the phone at 8pm on the Thursday evening and that everything had appeared normal at that time but that he failed to call a business associate later that night at 11pm as planned. The business associate said that he became worried after Kenneth Brown failed to call him and that at 12 midnight, he called Kenneth Brown's home but got no reply.

It was thought that Kenneth Brown had been living in fear before his death and was described as living reclusively, although it was also heard that there were staff employed at his mansion. His home, which stood in nine-acre grounds, was described as having been worth about £750,000 at the time and he had installed elaborate security equipment there including remote-controlled iron gates at the entrance. The property was also surrounded by high-fencing and trees.

Kenneth Brown co-owned a chain of pubs, restaurants and hotels and was described as wealthy.

The police said that they thought that the key to his murder could lie in Barrow. They also said that they thought that his murder was a contract killing arranged by a disgruntled business associate and that he had probably made enemies over the years as he built up his business empire.

The police said that another possibility was that he had known his murderer.

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