Unsolved Murders

Eamonn Bloodworth

Age: 46

Sex: male

Date: 18 Oct 2003

Place: Blackbird Road, Leicester

Source: news.bbc.co.uk

Eamonn Bloodworth was killed at the junction of Ravensbridge Drive and Blackbird Road, Leicester in the early hours of 18 October 2003.

A man was tried for his murder but acquitted.

He was found face down in a pool of blood in the early hours of the morning.

Eamonn Bloodworth had been out for the night in Leicester with friends and had later gone to the Stilettos nightclub where he stayed until about 2am after which he headed off home.

When he was found his lighter and wallet were missing.

The post-mortem revealed that he had been kicked and stamped to death.

However, there were no eye-witnesses to the attack. Police examined CCTV footage to try and figure out what had happened but found nothing.

It was said that the man that was tried for Eamonn Bloodworth's murder had attacked Eamonn Bloodworth after having a row with a girlfriend and that afterwards he had confessed to four people in the months that followed. It was said that the man had been looking for trouble after the row and had then run into Eamonn Bloodworth in the street.

It was said that after beating Eamonn Bloodworth to death he had send a text message on his phone to his girlfriend blaming her for making him do it. The text message was said to have read 'I hope you are happy now. I've done that to that man and it's all your fault.'. However, the man said that he had not been in a fight and said that the allegations of sending the text message were made up by his girlfriend and her friends. Other witnesses said that he had left voice messages saying that he had attacked Eamonn Bloodworth but he also denied that. He said 'I don't know why they are making these lies up about me.'.

He said that at the time of the murder he had been in bed and that he had been happy earlier on in the evening and had a few drinks and then taken a taxi home.

It was said that the man had left Leicester after the murder of Eamonn Bloodworth, but he was arrested after he returned.

Eamonn Bloodworth had three children and was described as a family man. He was an electrical engineer.

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