Unsolved Murders

Russell Marsom

Age: 29

Sex: male

Date: 30 Mar 1996

Place: Milton, Cambridgeshire

Source: www.lynnnews.co.uk

Russell Marsom was found dead partially clothed in a ditch.

A man who was questioned at the time over his death was later arrested on suspicion of his murder in 2007, but no charges were made.

Russell Marsom was a hairdresser and from Hunstanton in Norfolk.

He had gone out on the night of 30 March 1996 to go to a nightclub and was found in the ditch in Milton, near Cambridge the following day by a dog walker.

His murder was initially connected to the occult because there had been a full moon on the night that he was murdered. It was said that his body was arranged after his death and that he used to dabble in the occult himself.

His post-mortem showed that he drowned. The police said that although the post-mortem stated that he drowned, they didn't know how he came to be in the ditch.

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