Unsolved Murders

Solly Nahome

Age: 48

Sex: male

Date: 27 Nov 1998

Place: Arden Road, Finchley, London

Source: en.wikipedia.org

Solly Nahome was shot outside his home in Finchley.

He had just arrived home at about 4.40pm where a man in a crash helmet standing by a motorcycle was waiting for him. The man, who was described as black or dark-skinned Mediterranean, then approached Solly Nahome who tried to get to his front door and shot him several times in the back. After shooting Solly Nahome in the back he walked up to him and shot him another four times in the head.

After the shooting the gunman walked off to the top of Arden Road where he got on a J-reg 125cc black motorcycle with a yellow or orange stripe down the side and rode off. The motorcycle was never recovered.

The gunman had been seen an hour earlier standing by a pillar box in the road.

Solly Nahome was a Hatton Garden jeweller but was also said to have been involved with the criminal underworld and to have been the accountant to a crime family and a money launderer. As such, it was thought that he was assassinated by a rival gang aiming to disrupt the crime family that Solly Nahome worked for. However, it was also thought that the crime family might have murdered Solly Nahome to clear up loose ends after thinking that he might crack if arrested by the police, as he had been under some police scrutiny and the leader of the crime family was at the time under police surveillance.

One of the crime family was convicted of drugs offences in 1998 after he was heard discussing the importation of about three tons of canabis. He was also ordered to pay £1,000,000 in a confiscation order which his wife brought to the court in two trips using a briefcase containing £500,000 on each trip. A head member of the crime family that Solly Nahome had worked for was later convicted of money laundering crimes in 2007 and sentenced to about 8 years. It was said that about 20 people that had crossed the family had ended up dead.

It was thought that Solly Nahome had secreted about £25,000,000 of the crime families money in offshore accounts and that when news of his murder was first heard, the head of the family had come back to England from Spain to find out what had happened to him. It was thought that the crime family had a £1-2,000,000 fortune hidden away.

One of the crime family was also later convicted of shooting a man that was said to have been a grass in 2016.

His murder was thought to have been linked to the disappearance of Gilbert Wynter who was also associated with the crime family, for whom he worked as an enforcer, who disappeared in March 1998 and who is thought to be buried under the Millennium Dome.

It was also thought that Solly Nahome and Gilbert Wynter had both been killed after £800,000 went missing in a multi-million-pound cannabis deal that they had been involved with.

Solly Nahome was also thought to have been involved in the laundering of gold from the 1983 Brinks-Mat robbery and had been a prominent gold trader in Hatton Garden.

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