Unsolved Murders

Christine Butcher

Age: 7

Sex: female

Date: 8 Jul 1951

Place: Home Park, Windsor

Source: www.truecrimelibrary.com

Christine Butcher was raped and mudered in Windsor Home Park, Windsor.

She had lived on Peascod Street and enjoyed going out to see any famous people.

When she heard that Sugar Ray Robsinson the boxer had arrived in Windsor to train for his up coming fight with Randolph Turpin she decided to go and show him her black piccaninny doll. The hotel that he was staying at, the Star and Garter Hotel, was only thirty yards away from where she lived. Her mother waved her off at 3.30am on the Sunday. However, she never got there and neither Sugar Ray Robsinson not the hotel staff ever saw her.

She was later found dead, half dressed in Stevens Meadow in Windsor Home Park, which was about a mile away from where she lived.

A 15-year-old friend of Christine Butcher's said that she saw Christine Butcher with a man in grey on the day she disapeared. She said that she waved at Christine Butcher and that Christine Butcher waved back.

She also said that two men, one and elderly man and the other dressed in grey had asked her to sit with them under some trees. She said that she was sure that she would recognise the man that had been with Christine Butcher if she saw him again.

Three films were given to the police showing the crowds outside the Star and Garter Hotel as people waited for for a chance to see Sugar Ray Robsinson. Two had been taken by amateurs. One film was in colour and had been taken by Mrs Sugar Ray Robsinson and the other was by a local girl. The third film was by a television company. The film showed Christine Butcher with her black-faced doll.

A coach driver said that he had seen Christine Butcher alone in a car park at a bout 4pm on the Sunday, still carrying her doll, watching a sentry.

The last sighting was by a woman who said that she saw her about 4.07am walking down an alley behind some people towards the river.

She had been wearing a green and white gingham dress and blue macintosh.

The police said that they thought that she had been taken away by people in a car and then murdered at nightfall.

*map pointers are rough estimates based on known location details as per Place field above.

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