Unsolved Murders

Mohammed Nazir

Age: 61

Sex: male

Date: 28 Jul 1997

Place: Hull Close, Slough

Mohammed Nazir was killed at his home.

He and his son were both shot in the legs. Mohammed Nazir was also shot in the abdomen.

The police said that Mohammed Nazir was unlucky to die and that they didn't think that the attackers had intended to kill him.

It was said that the masked gunmen that had forced their way into the home had been after the son and that Mohammed Nazir had thrown himself in front of his son to protect him when they were both shot in the legs. It was said that then, that as the attackers fled, Mohammed Nazir had chased them and had then been shot in the abdomen.

His murder partly resulted in a demonstration by 100 Muslims outside Slough Police Station on 24 August 1997 which claimed that a number of recent crimes against Pakistanis had not resulted in any arrests and that the police were discriminating. However, the police refuted any suggestions that they discriminated against any section of society.

It was also claimed that Mohammed Nazir had been targetted because he had been active in marches against communal violence in Slough but the police said that they discounted that as the reason for the murder and said that although they were uncertain as to the motive they thought that it could have been a family problem and that there was no reason to link it to recent tensions between Sikhs and Muslims in Slough. The police said that they were also investigating other motives such as a land deal dispute in Pakistan, mistaken identity, drug problems, Muslim youth rivalries, women and stolen property.

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