Unsolved Murders

John Sheppard

Age: 66

Sex: male

Date: 3 Dec 1994

Place: John Horwood Bookmakers, Cambridge Street, Aylesbury

John Sheppard was killed during a robbery in the betting shop that he was managing.

He was stabbed more than 40 times in the chest and back. It was said that he had been stabbed 20 times with an eight-inch kitchen knife that was later found in Norfolk Terrace nearby. He had also been struck on the head.

The John Horwood Bookmakers that John Sheppard managed and was working alone in at the time had acted as a head office for a number of other betting shops in the John Horwood chain.

At the time he had been waiting for details regarding the taking at a number of other betting shops before he would finish work. He had a telephone conversation with the manager of another betting shop at about 5.15pm after which the robbery at his betting shop took place.

John Sheppard was found just after 6.30pm after he failed to meet a friend as planned.

The police found that money from the betting shop had been stolen but that a large amount of money that had been in John Sheppard's pockets was left.

It was thought that the motive for the murder was robbery, but it was also noted that the money stolen was not a substantial amount.

He had lived in Leighton Buzzard and had been married for 27 years. He was noted as having been involved with the local men's darts league with which he was described as being dedicated.

*map pointers are rough estimates based on known location details as per Place field above.