Unsolved Murders

Giebre Luul Kassa

Age: unknown

Sex: male

Date: 13 Dec 1991

Place: West Heath Road, Hampstead Heath

Source: www.truecrimelibrary.com

Giebre Luul Kassa was found hanging from a tree on Hampstead Heath on Friday 13 December 1991.

The police were alerted after they received an anonymous phone call at 2.45am. The caller said, 'There is a dead man hanging from a tree on Hampstead Heath', and then hung-up. The police said that due to the size of Hampstead Heath that it took them about five hours to find the body, and that was after a woman that had been out walking her dog called to say that she had found it.

It was thought that Giebre Kassa had been murdered near to where his body was found and then hung up.

He had been bound with white washing-up line and had a red silk tie blindfolded over his eyes.

His briefcase was found close by. It had been opened and the contents were found scattered about.

Giebre Kassa was an Ethiopian refugee.

The place where he was found on Hampstead Heath was near West Heath Road and was known as a night-time meeting place for homosexuals, prostitutes and criminals. However, the police said that they had ruled out homosexual activity in Giebre Kassa's case and said that they thought that it was more likely a mugging that went wrong.

The police said that one theory they had was that Giebre Kassa had been waiting for someone at about 10pm on Hampstead Heath.

They said that the day before Giebre Kassa had told his brother that he had started working for a wealthy Arab family as a chauffeur. His brother said that Giebre Kassa had made several calls to a garage where he had said that his employer’s Mercedes was being repaired, however, the police said that when they looked into it they found no trace of the wealthy Arab family or the garage.

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