Unsolved Murders

Elizabeth Peers

Age: 10

Sex: female

Date: 29 Oct 1905

Place: Smithdown Road, Liverpool

Source: www.yoliverpool.com

Elizabeth Peers was outraged in a back passage off of Smithdown Road. She died from shock.

It was supposed that the killer had gagged her while the outrage took place to stop her from screaming.

She had just left her home on Wendell Street to do an errand shortly after midnight on the Saturday 29 October 1905 but never returned. She had been sent out to buy pork and potatoes at 12.30am for her mother.

When she was found the next day she was laying on her back with her eyes wide open and her fair hair and clothes saturated with rain that had fallen heavily in the night.

Newspaper reports noted that her parents were both drunkards.

When she didn't return her mother said she assumed that she had gone to her married brothers or had met some of her playmates. When the coroner asked 'what, children out at that hour of the night' the mother said 'yes, plenty in that neighbourhood'.

The newspaper reports that when a neighbour mentioned the next day that a child had been found dead after hearing that the mother's child had been out all night the mother was heard to say 'God help some poor mother' but did not concern herself about the safety of her own child and instead had some drink.

*map pointers are rough estimates based on known location details as per Place field above.

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