Unsolved Murders

Alexandre Marques

Age: 61

Sex: male

Date: 2 Jan 2006

Place: Woodside Road, Caddington, Luton, Bedfordshire

Source: www.luton-dunstable.co.uk

Alexandre Marques's skeletal remains were found in undergrowth off Woodside between Caddington and Slip End on 2 January 2006.

He had been missing since 16 October 2005, a Sunday, from his bedsit in Clanricarde Gardens, Notting Hill, London. He was later reported missing on 21 October 2005 by colleagues at the ARTS club in Mayfair, where he was a waiter, after he didn't turn up for work for five days.

He was last seen by his neighbour in Clanricarde Gardens at about 11am on 16 October 2005. About an hour later he had called a friend and invited him for drinks at the Notting Hill Café. However, his friend couldn't make it at the time they had agreed and later called to reschedule their meeting at 5.20pm but said that Alexandre Marques didn't answer his phone.

Alexandre Marques was a homosexual.

Later that night at 9pm, a rent boy that regularly visited Alexandre Marques said that he went to his bedsit and found his front door unlocked but said that no-one was home.

When police searched Alexandre Marques's bedsit they found that his keys, credit cards, passport, glasses and wallet were all missing. They said that there were no signs of a disturbance and that it was as if he had left to go out.

After he was reported as missing the police launched a poster campaign at gay venues across London. They later found that someone had been taking money out of his bank account and launched a murder inquiry. A man had been seen taking £100 from cash machines in Willesden and Cricklewood on 18 October 2005. He had been dressed in dark trousers with red writing up the sides and a reflective light patch at the bottom of each leg.

Later on 2 January 2006 his decomposed remains were found by a couple off of Woodside Road near Luton.

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