Unsolved Murders

Akim Oriola

Age: 24

Sex: male

Date: 16 Jul 2006

Place: Village Bar Restaurant, Hoe Lane, Enfield

Source: www.thisislocallondon.co.uk

Akim Oriola was attacked outside a Chinese takeaway at about 10.45pm on Saturday 15 July 2006 and died the following day.

He had been in the Village Bar Chinese takeaway in Hoe Lane around 10.45pm when he got into an argument with another customer. The argument went outside where they started to fight and Akim Oriola was seriously injured.

He was taken to Chase Farm Hospital in The Ridgeway but died soon after at about 2pm on the following Sunday.

His post-mortem stated that he died from a head injury.

The police said that the fight appeared to have been one sided and that Akim Oriola did not appear to have hit back at his attacker.

The person that had attacked him was described as black.

Two people were arrested in relation to the murder but there are no known charges, trials or convictions.

Akim Oriola was unemployed and had three children.

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