Unsolved Murders

Georgina Moore

Age: 7

Sex: female

Date: 20 Dec 1881

Place: River Medway, Yalding

Georgina Moore was found in the Medway with a wire tied around her neck attached to a brick.

A woman was tried for her murder but aquitted. The woman had been fond of Georgina Moore and had developed a relationship with her father but had allegedly killed Georgina Moore in revenge after being spurned.

Georgina Moore lived in Pimlico in a house owned by the woman accused. Because of this arrangement the woman became familiar with Georgina Moore's father and they became intimate.

On Tuesday 20 December 1881 Georgina Moore had been to school in the morning and then gone home to her dinner and at about 1.15pm  she went back to school and played until about 1.45pm when the school reopened but that at 2pm Georgina Moore was met by a woman. A child said that the woman had a cloak like the accused but a policeman also said he saw the accused woman with Georgina Moore at that time. That was the last that was seen of Georgina Moore alive.

No trace of her was seen again until 30 December when a waterman at Yalding found her body in the Medway river at Yalding nearly opposite the railway station and about a third of a mile from where the accused woman's parents lived.

Georgina Moore had a wire around her neck which was attached to a fire brick. The fire brick was stamped with a mark which was traced to an ironmonger in Pimlico who said that he had sold the brick to a woman about a week before Christmas which would have been before Georgina Moore vanished.

The surgeon said that Georgina Moore was probably strangled before being put in the water. They also found a half digested meal in her stomach.

Other evidence included a man who lived at the railway inn who said that on 20 December he heard a child scream from a hop garden near where her body was found although he could not be sure of the date.

*map pointers are rough estimates based on known location details as per Place field above.

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