Unsolved Murders

Alexander Litvinenko

Age: 43

Sex: male

Date: 26 Nov 2006

Place: Pine Bar, Millennium Hotel, Mayfair, London

Alexander Litvinenko died from polonium-210 poisoning.

A public inquiry into his murder concluded that the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, had probably approved his assassination.

Alexander Litvinenko had previously been in the Russian Federal Security Service which had replaced the former KGB. However, he later fled to the United Kingdom where he spoke out against the Kremlin and later became a British citizen.

It was thought that he had been given a cup of tea that had had radioactive polonium-210 in it at the Pine Bar in the Millennium Hotel in Mayfair on 1 November 2006. He died three weeks later on 23 November 2006.

It was said that at the time he had been investigating Spanish links to the Russian mafia and was going to go to Spain with the man that is considered to be the main suspect in his murder. He had also been looking into the assassination of Anna Politkovskaya, a Russian journalist, who was shot at her Moscow apartment the month before shortly after receiving death threats.

He had met up with the man and another man in the Pine Bar of the Millennium Hotel on 1 November 2006 where he had a cup of tea. Both the men that he had met up with were former Russian agents.

Soon after the meeting Alexander Litvinenko fell ill and spent the night vomiting and three days later he went to Barnet General Hospital for treatment but his condition became worse. On 17 November 2006 he was taken to the University College Hospital where he died six days later.

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