Unsolved Murders

Peter Singleton

Age: 26

Sex: male

Date: 27 Mar 2003

Place: Grange Cross Hey, Column Road, West Kirby

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

Peter Singleton was attacked as he was helping his son out of a car around 7.30pm on 27 March 2003 outside his flat.

He was then chased through neighbour’s gardens by a man and shot twice in the back. After he fell, he was shot three more times in the head at point blank range.

He had arranged to meet his girlfriend outside his flat at Grange Cross Hey. His girlfriend had arrived first and she then called him to find out how long he would be. His girlfriend said that she had told Peter Singleton that there was a white van parked outside the flats that she had not seen before and said that he asked her to see if anyone was in it and that she said that she couldn't see anyone.

A short while later Peter Singleton arrived and while he was helping his girlfriend get their toddler son out of the car they heard a car door open and then saw a man wearing a balaclava and holding a gun. After shooting Peter Singleton the man in the balaclava jumped in the van which was driven off at speed by another person.

He was taken to Arrowe Park hospital where he died later that night.

The gunman had been wearing a mask. He had fired 11 shots.

The police issued an e-fit picture of the person that they said had been driving the van. The driver was said to have been white, with a pale face and slightly sallow complexion and of medium build. He was said to have been wearing a dark woolly hat with a dark top zipped up to the chin and wearing dark gloves that were either woollen or ski-type.

They also said that they were interested in finding out more about a white Vauxhall Astra van that they believed had been used in the murder and was key to their investigation. It was seen to have sped off along Grange Cross Lane after the murder and was later found burnt out in Carr Lane, Moreton. The van was found to have had unique trader’s plates on it, with the number KP52 XGD on it, and a green band around the edge of the plate face. The police said that the plates were made by one company, Signam Ltd, in Warwick, and that they were sold to traders across the UK. They said that it was possible that traders that had bought plates from Signam to make up in their facilities might have been able to help them. The police said that if they could find where the number plates were made that it might help them trace the van or the person that had used them.

The van had been stolen in December 2002. It had been seen several times since 6.30pm on the night in the West Kirby and Saughall Massie areas before the shooting at 7.30pm. The original number plate of the van was VE02 ZPU and it had been seen a number of times between December 2002 and February 2003 in the Vauxhall and Everton areas of Liverpool.

The police said that they were also interested in identifying two men of youthful appearance that were seen going into Westry Close from the footpath between Carr Lane and Millhouse Lane.

Peter Singleton was a car dealer.

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