Unsolved Murders

Jill Grinstead

Age: 62

Sex: female

Date: 19 Feb 2008

Place: Laburnum Road, Colliers Wood, Southwest London

Source: www.thisislocallondon.co.uk

Jill Grinstead was beaten and suffocated in her home.

It was thought that she was murdered between 19 and 22 February 2008.

Her 38 year-old neighbour was tried for her murder but acquitted. The neighbour was later convicted in February 2019 for the manslaughter of a paedophile.

Jill Grinstead was disabled and bed-ridden. She also suffered from emphysema.

She was discovered dead by another neighbour, the mother of the man that was tried for her murder. She had found Jill Grinstead dead in her bed after becoming concerned after she saw that one of her windows had been smashed and that her front door was left slightly open.

Jill Grinstead had serious injuries to her face with her jaw dislocated, her teeth almost all knocked out and bruising on her face and neck. Her cause of death was given as asphyxia and blunt facial trauma.

After Jill Grinstead's body was found the neighbours sister said that her brother, the man that was tried, had told her that he had done something wrong and had put a pillow over Jill Grinstead's head after she had cried out his name whilst looking for money to buy drugs. The man was arrested and tried but said that he had not been in Jill Grinstead's house and that he had been at home all evening. He said that his sister was lying and was found not guilty and discharged.

It was thought that she had disturbed some burglars in her home. A frenzied search by someone through her property had been made.

Neighbours had heard suspicious noises in the night including the sound of raised voices and breaking glass.

She had retired the year earlier from Sainsbury's because of her ill health. She had lived in the house with her daughter although at the time her daughter had not been staying in the house. She was 5ft 2ins and weighed 54kg.

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