Unsolved Murders

Subramaniam Sivakumar

Age: 44

Sex: male

Date: 5 Jan 2006

Place: Apna Bazaar, Willesden High Road, Willesden

Source: www.met.police.uk

Subramaniam Sivakumar was found dead in his shop.

It was thought that his killers were Tamil Tigers and that his death was ritualistic.

Subramaniam Sivakumar ran the Apna Bazaar on Willesden High Road where he was found dead. When he was found he was laid out with his hands by his side, his body pointing south, a white shoelace around his neck and bags of rice placed over his body. There were signs that he had been restrained and he had puncture wounds behind his ear. It was thought that he might have been tortured.

It was said that before he was murdered a group called the Tiger Boys had visited him at his shop on 13 October 2005, although on that occasion had left without any violence. He had kept a diary in which he had recorded their visit. In one entry he wrote 'Today I agreed to give 15,000 to Tiger Boys'. It was said that the Tiger Boys were due to return around the time that he was murdered.

His post-mortem stated that he had died from a heart attack due to heart disease. His first post-mortem was inconclusive. It was said that his death was not the result of any single third party injury and that any of the injuries could have contributed to his death. However, it was also noted that it was possible that his death was not intentional.

The police said they were keen to speak to one of his former employees. The man was the last person to see Subramaniam Sivakumar alive and had given statements to the police. however, after he returned to his family in Germany and then later went missing. The police said that he was a significant witness and that they were concerned for his safety.

The Tamil Tigers, which are banned in the United Kingdom as a terrorist organisation, were said to be known for their ruthless fund-raising rackets which they carried out to fund their terrorist activities and that they were known to be operating across London.

Subramaniam Sivakumar was a Tamil and had come from Sri Lanka and had three children.

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