Unsolved Murders

Julie Finley

Age: 23

Sex: female

Date: 6 Aug 1994

Place: A570, Rainford Bypass, Skelmersdale, Lancashire

Source: www.kirkbytimes.co.uk

Julie Finley was found dead and naked in a field near the Rainford bypass.

She was was last seen about 11.00pm on Friday 5 August 1994, in Pembroke Place, at the rear of the Liverpool Royal University Teaching Hospital talking to a man by some railings.

She had been wearing a white t-shirt.

She was found by a 28-year-old computer engineer that had been cycling by on the Saturday 6 August 1994 at about 1.30pm just before a time trial along the Rainford bypass. He had been with other cyclists from the Liverpool Century Road Club based in Netherton who were all milling around the the start point close to the Wheatsheaf pub. He said that he found her body when he went into the field to spend a penny. He said that she was lying face downwards naked with her head hidden under some bushes. He said, 'I ran back and got a friend to confirm what I had seen. We then called the police and made sure that no-one went near. I told the police where I'd been then waited for them to arrive. I carried on with the cycling but I think I was in a state of shock'.

The police said that they were also interested in tracing a white van that was seen that night parked near to where her body was discovered.

About ten months after her murder, the police were contacted by a man that said that he had picked up a hitchhiker and said that whilst they were driving past the place where Julie Finley was found dead he became highly agitated. The man said that when he asked the hitchhiker why, the hitchhiker explained that at the time of the murder his motorbike had broken down and had stopped in a layby near to the scene and saw a white van. He said that he could hear bangs and screams coming from the van and said that when he went over to the van and opened the rear doors he saw a young naked woman who said to him 'Help me, help me, for gods sake help me'. However, he said that a man then came over and told him that the woman was his girlfriend and told him to mind his own business and to get away, which the hitchhiker said he did. The information was broadcast on the television program Crime Watch UK on 2 November 1995 in which the police said  that they thought that the account was true as the story had included information that only they knew about. However, the hitchhiker never contacted the police himself. The police also added that the hitchhiker was either the last person to see Julie Finley alive and that he had seen her murderer, or that given the information that he knew, that he was in fact the murderer.

The hitchhiker was described as being in his mid-twenties, 5ft 8in, clean-cut with short blonde hair in a crew-cut. The police added that due to his accent, they thought that the hitchhiker had come from St Helens. He had said that he was going to see his grandfather in the Ainsdale area. The police said that it was essential that he come forward and produced a photo-fit of him.

Julie Finley had lived in a flat in Toxteth

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