Unsolved Murders

Michaela Hague

Age: 25

Sex: female

Date: 5 Nov 2001

Place: Bower Street, Spitalfields, Sheffield

Source: www.independent.co.uk

Michaela Hague was stabbed during an attack in Sheffield.

She was a prostitute and had been working the streets around Bower Street in Sheffield. She was picked up around 7pm and then stabbed 19 times in the neck and back and when she was next seen at about 8pm in a mostly unlit car park on some waste ground off Spitalfields she was lying in a pool of blood.

An old style blue Ford Sierra was seen driving away.

She was found semi-conscious shortly after 8pm and the police were called.

When Michaela Hague was found by a policeman she managed to describe the man that had attacked her. She told them that the man had been white, about 6ft tall, 38 years of age, was clean shaven, wearing a blue fleece jacket and had had glasses on and had a wedding ring on his finger.

She was taken to the Northern General Hospital, arriving at about 8.30pm, and later died there at 11.05pm.

However, later, at her inquest, it was heard that although she had been stabbed 19 times, she might have survived if she had undergone immediate surgery. It was said that none of the stab wounds where more than 30mm deep and that only six had punctured her lungs and the rest had missed vital organs such as her heart, aorta artery or liver. It was said that she had been at the hospital for several hours during which time there had been plenty of time for her to have undergone emergency surgery. The pathologist that carried out her post-mortem said that he had seen people with much larger vascular structures damage who had survived with surgery.

However, he added that there was no argument that the stab wounds were not 100% the cause of her death.

After her murder, a woman came forward to say that she had been in Spring Street in her Citroen car at around 9pm when she had taken a wrong turn on her way to a friend’s place, and said that a strange man, who it was suggested might have been Michaela Hague's killer, stood in front of her car and wouldn't let her drive off. She said that whenever she moved her car about he moved to stand in front of it. She said that she thought that he wanted her to wind her window down and said that a few minutes later she managed to get away.

The police said that they did manage to get some DNA evidence but had not been able to identify whose it was.

It was said Michaela Hague was a heroin addict and had turned to prostitution to earn money to buy more drugs. It was said that she had been working the streets for about six months. The area that she had been working in, around Corporation Street, was a well-known red-light district.

Michaela Hague had lived on Lopham Street in Pitsmoor, Sheffield, and had a partner and a son.

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