Unsolved Murders

Iwona Kaminska

Age: 20

Sex: female

Date: 13 Jul 2000

Place: Hammersmith

Source: news.bbc.co.uk

Iwona Kaminska disappeared in July 2000.

She was last seen in Hammersmith after finishing work at 5pm on 13 July 2000. She was caught on CCTV footage earlier in the morning going to work but no other CCTV evidence was found.

She was from Moliborzyce in Poland and had arrived in London four days earlier on 9 July 2000.

After arriving in London she soon found work at a Polish-owned business on King Street in Hammersmith and on the day she vanished had been packing glasses. She had been staying with a friend near the Arndale Centre in Wandsworth.

She had been due to meet a friend after work at 7pm but didn't turn up. It was thought that she would have caught the No. 220 bus from Hammersmith bus station to go and visit her friend.

Iwona Kaminska was 5ft 2in tall, slim and had light brown, shoulder-length hair. When she was last seen she had been wearing dark trousers, black shoes and a dark green knee-length jacket, and had been carrying a small black leather handbag.

She was a theology student and it was her first visit to England. She had come to England on a holiday and to improve her English.

No trace of Iwona Kaminska has been found since she disappeared, and it is thought that she might have been murdered. The police said that they suspected that she had been kidnapped and possibly murdered.

Her family said that she was in constant contact with them and that when she didn't contact them, which was out of character, they instantly knew something had happened to her.

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