Unsolved Murders

Tafadzwa Khan

Age: 25

Sex: male

Date: 18 Mar 2012

Place: Long Lane, Bawburgh, Norfolk

Tafadzwa Khan was stabbed outside a party.

A man that had been at the party was charged with his murder but the case was later dismissed.

It was said that the party had been going well until a fight broke out and Tafadzwa Khan was stabbed.

It was heard that conflicting accounts of what happened had been told. It was also reported that the case had been dismissed after crucial witnesses had refused to come forward. The police later said, 'We know there are people who were at the party in Bawburgh and know what happened, but have not come forward'.

One person said that they saw the man that the police charged with murder, leave the party with his sleeve covering his right hand and a knife blade sticking out.

However, another person said that they saw a different person stab Tafadzwa Khan, 'four, five, six, seven' times.

The man that was said to have stabbed Tafadzwa Khan seven times said that he saw the other man that was said to have been seen with the knife in his sleeve punch Tafadzwa Khan, but said that he didn't see any knife.

The party had been held by a former world champion boxer and had about 200 guests. It was a 50th birthday party.

Tafadzwa Khan was also known as Taffy Khan. He was from Zimbabwe and had been living in a YMCA centre in Norwich at the time.

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