Unsolved Murders

Chamlong Allen

Age: 49

Sex: female

Date: 27 Apr 2005

Place: Lonsdale Mews, Portobello Road, West London

Source: www.contactmusic.com

Chamlong Allen was stabbed to death in a lock-up garage in Lonsdale Mews, just off Portobello Road.

She had been stabbed twelve times in her neck, liver and kidneys and also had six other superficial stab wounds.

Her husband was tried for her murder but acquitted due to lack of evidence. They had separated and were battling over the custody of their home and children. Chamlong Allen had been planning on returning to Thailand after the custody battle. She and her husband were due in court two days after she was murdered.

Chamlong Allen had used the lock-up garage to cook Thai food for a Portobello Road market stall that she ran called Mrs Tasty Thai Cuisine Ltd. Her husband had started the stall 20 years earlier selling goat curry and then later his wife had joined him selling Thai food. In the months before she was murdered people noted that Chamlong Allen had only been going to the market on the weekends when for years previously she had been going every day. Other regular customers said that they thought that she was having problems as she suddenly lost the van that she had been using to serve her food out of.

It was said that by Christmas 2004 Chamlong Allen had moved out of the family home and would occasionally sleep in her car. she had also been to the police to complain that her husband would beat her and she had also been to see a women's help group.

However, people said that they had no idea that she had been having problems with her marriage and a neighbour had said that she and her husband had seemed like a perfectly normal couple and that they had never heard them fight or argue.

In her diary, she had complained about her husband beating her up and damaging her property. She had said 'I have to run through the front door for my life in case he might hurt me again. He want £100,000 from me for the stall. He threaten me that he will make my life miserable.'. However, there was no evidence linking him directly to the murder or the scene. The defence said that the case against the husband should be dismissed noting that no evidence was found to link him to the murder even though he had been arrested three and a half hours after her body was discovered.'.

Her husband had been a semi-famous film star.

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