Unsolved Murders

Eliza Lea

Age: unknown

Sex: female

Date: 31 Jan 1853

Place: Regents Canal

Eliza Lea was found dead in the Regeants Canal around 11pm on 31 January 1853.

She was given half a soverign to buy drapery goods on the morning of 31 January 1853 and she later met a friend and then went to see her ex partner and they went out drinking. They later went back to the friends house where they sang songs until 10pm when Eliza Lea and the man left. Arounf 11pm a man heard a gurgling and splashing from the Regents Canal and when he went to look he saw a shadowy figure that looked like the man leaving with a bundle of garments. He called for him to return which he did, but then he left.

They found Eliza Lea dead in the water.

When they went to the mans house they found the drapery items which Eliza Lea had brought the day before and noted that one of them had been pawned by the woman that was living with the man.

He was tried but found not guilty due to lack of evidence. The judge said that you cant convict someone of murder because they might be guilty.

see Times 14 May 1853 p7

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