Unsolved Murders

Daniel Omari Smith

Age: 22

Sex: male

Date: 21 May 2010

Place: Harrow Road, West London

Source: news.bbc.co.uk

Daniel Smith was shot dead as he left a Kentucky Fried Chicken takeaway on Harrow Road in west London.

His shooting is believed to be a case of mistaken identity and it was thought that the intended target was another man that had been in the restaurant shortly before him and who bore a striking resemblance to him and who was in a gang. The man that had been in earlier was black and had a similar build and had been wearing similar clothes.

It was thought that the intended target was in a gang, and that the shooting was related to a gang feud and that the shooting was in revenge for the murder of Tyno Kavuala in March 2010.

Four men were charged with his murder but acquitted. It was also noted that twelve people were arrested in connection with his murder in total.

Daniel Smith had been to the restaurant to get food for his family after a first date with a girl from work on his way home.

He was shot with a single gunshot.

Daniel Smith was an electrician for Hackney Council and had no involvement with the police.

He had just finished work on the Friday 21 May 2010 at about 5pm and had then met the friend from work. Later, on his way home, around midnight, he called his sister and told her that he was going to a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant. He left the restaurant at about 12.15am on 22 May 2010 and was going back to his car. He was then shot just as he was opening the car door. He was shot once in the back of the left shoulder/upper arm, but the bullet travelled through his chest and caused fatal injuries.

After he was shot, he managed to stagger back into the KFC restaurant where he collapsed and died.

It was noted that the gun that was used to murder Daniel Smith was also used in two subsequent shootings in the West Midlands.

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