Unsolved Murders

Darren Manders

Age: 31

Sex: male

Date: 2 Jul 2003

Place: Starvation Clump, Nunthorpe

Darren Manders body was found under a pile of logs at Starvation Clump in Nunthorpe on 2 July 2003 at around 10.30am.

He died from head injuries having been beaten to death.

He had lived in Bow Street in Middlesbrough and had gone missing on 5 June 2003, being last seen in the evening.

He was reported missing by his parents on 27 June 2003.

His body was discovered by a dog walker. Starvation Clump was a beauty spot.

A palm print was found at the scene and the police said that they were trying to identify it. They also took material away for DNA analysis.

Two men were arrested in connection with his murder but not charged.

Darren Manders was a heroin addict and was known to the police. He had two children.

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