Unsolved Murders

Shoukat Ali

Age: 59

Sex: male

Date: 18 May 1994

Place: Brampton Park Road, Hornsey, London

Shoukat Ali died from a heart attack after he chased a thief that had stolen his son's £100 car radio at about 4.30pm on 18 April 1994.

The chase had taken place in Brampton Park Road, Hornsey.

He was found by his family in an alley near his house and was declared dead on arrival at Middlesex Hospital.

Although he died from a heart attack, the police said that they were treating his death as a murder as his body was bruised, suggesting that he had been attacked, although the police said that his injuries were not consistent with a severe beating.

A pathologist said that his death was from a heart attack caused by physical and emotional stress.

The police said that they were examining CCTV footage from the nearby Wood Green shopping centre.

Shoukat Ali's wife who was with him when he died said that she thought she saw the man that stole the radio watching her and Shoukat Ali from the end of the alley amongst a crowd and said that she cried out, 'It's him', and pointed to the man. Four people then chased the man, but he got away through a network of narrow streets and alleys heading towards Wood Green shopping centre.

He was described as black, about 20-years-old, 5ft 8in tall, wearing a black jacket and with a blue and white bandana around his head.

The thief had broken into Shoukat Ali's son's Volkswagen Golf car and stolen the car stereo.

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