Unsolved Murders

Raymond Folks

Age: 30

Sex: male

Date: 12 May 1994

Place: Victoria, London

Source: search.proquest.com

Raymond Folks was strangled in his London apartment.

He was a homosexual. Another homosexual had been killed six weeks earlier in London, but the police said that they were not linking the two cases.

He worked as a personal assistant at a property consultancy firm. After he didn't show up for work, a friend went to his flat in Victoria and found him dead on Thursday night 12 May 1994. He had last been seen earlier on the Thursday when he was dropped of near his home in a black cab, however, the police said that they didn't know what he did after that.

The police said that there was evidence of a struggle in his flat but said that they didn't know whether anything had been stolen.

They said that they thought that Raymond Folks had known his killer.

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