Unsolved Murders

Patrick Hurling

Age: 45

Sex: male

Date: 1 Dec 1990

Place: Bengeo Street, Hertford, Hertfordshire

Patrick Hurling was found dead in his burnt-out house in the early hours of 1 December 1990.

He was naked and had been strangled and several fires lit throughout the building. There was no smoke in his lungs and his body was badly charred.

His body was found in a downstairs bedroom at his house and fires appeared to have been started in several locations in a bid to cover up his murder.

The night before his murder he had been out drinking at The Angel public house in Waltham Abbey which was just across the road from his office. He left the pub shortly before 11pm, and drove off home in his BMW 7 Series car.

He was a millionaire accountant.

A number of valuables had been taken from his house and the police drew up a list which included:

  • Man's wedding ring in 18 carat white and yellow gold.
  • Nine carat gold bracelet with the name Pat spelled in 25 diamonds.
  • Nine carat gold signet ring with nine diamonds.
  • An 18 carat gold ring with a diamond set in platinum and a gold ring with a black onyx stone.
  • A black leather wallet embossed Bridgman Gold Society 1989/90.

Three people were arrested in relation to his murder around the time but no charges were made.

During the police investigation, over 600 statements were taken, 1,700 people interviewed and 1,800 lines of inquiry pursued.

Patrick Hurling had recently split up with his 29-year-old wife and she had moved out of their house with their three children.

His detached house was said to have been worth £217,000 at the time and had recently been put on the market.

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