Unsolved Murders

Sarah Bowdler

Age: 68

Sex: female

Date: 16 Sep 1991

Place: Somers Road, Pleck, Walsall

Sarah Bowdler was tied up and strangled in her home.

She was last seen alive at about 6pm on 16 September 1991 and two hours later, at about 8pm, she telephoned a friend from her house.

She was found dead the following day, 17 September 1991, bound, gagged and strangled in her bedroom. She had been strangled with a ligature.

The police said that they thought that Sarah Bowdler had probably welcomed the person that killed her into her home and probably knew them, adding that there was no evidence of a break-in at her semi-detached house.

The police said that there was no apparent motive and said that nothing had been stolen.

Sarah Bowdler worked as a volunteer at a Spastics Society Shop which she had thrown herself into since her husband died in 1986.

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