Unsolved Murders

Yana Jones

Age: 28

Sex: female

Date: 16 Jan 1988

Place: Rutley Close, Walworth

Yana Jones was found dead in her flat on Rutley Close, Walworth on 16 January 1988.

She had been stabbed three times in the neck and face. She was found by a friend lying in a pool of blood.

Her inquest heard that there were no signs of there having been a forced entry into her flat or that she had attempted to defend herself with it was said indicated that she had known her murderer and that she had invited him in.

It was thought that up to £300 had been stolen by her murderer or murderers.

The police said that they had followed many leads and interviewed a number of people in connection with her murder but said that it appeared that people appeared unwilling to help them.

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