Unsolved Murders

Pamela MacAlister

Age: 21

Sex: female

Date: 14 Nov 1994

Place: Beauly Place, East Kilbride

Source: www.thescottishsun.co.uk

Pamela McAllister was stabbed and slashed 57 times.

A nightclub bouncer was tried for her murder but found not guilty.

Pamela McAllister was murdered at her home. Her boyfriend was also stabbed repeatedly in the head and body but survived.

The boyfriend said that the bouncer had come round to the flat to collect some money that was owed by the owner of the flat and that whilst there he had attacked Pamela McAllister and then himself. However, the bouncer said that when he had gone round the boyfriend had attacked Pamela McAllister and that he had then fled thinking that he would be attacked next.

The boyfriend had multiple injuries whilst the bouncer had a single slash wound on his left hand that he said he got when he grappled the knife the boyfriend had been wielding.

The boyfriend first told police that two hooded men had forced their way into the flat but when he found out that Pamela McAllister was dead he changed his story. The boyfriend admitted in court that he had previously served six years in jail for drugs offences.


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