Unsolved Murders

Greta Anderson

Age: 31

Sex: female

Date: 18 Apr 1991

Place: Rotherhithe Street, Rotherhithe, London

Greta Anderson was run over by a stolen BMW convertible car.

However, it could not be determined who was driving and so no one was convicted of killing her.

Greta Anderson was a designer and was four months pregnant at the time. She had lived in Laurence Wharf, Rotherhithe which was noted as being a new address and not yet on street maps.

She died from head injuries after being crushed against a wall by the BMW after it crashed into a lamppost. She had been walking along with her boyfriend at the time.

The car was estimated to have been travelling at 62mph at the time. It first crashed into a lamppost and then into a Renault car before crushing Greta Anderson against the wall.

The car had been stolen earlier in the day from the forecourt of a BMW dealers in Kennington Lane, Kennington and was seen to race off and was later seen by a woman driving around the streets of Rotherhithe at speed. The woman said that the car was being driven by a white man and had a number of passengers in it.

An unemployed 21-year-old man was tried for killing Greta Anderson by reckless driving at the Old Bailey but was acquitted. The man's fingerprint was found on the ignition key fob found in the car and a witness said that they saw him running away from the scene, but he denied having been in the car. However, the court heard that the man's fingerprint was not necessarily put on it when he was driving.

The man said that he had been elsewhere at the time the BMW car was stolen, walking 'nowhere special' and that at the time that Greta Anderson was killed he had been at home with a friend and two girls that he had met.

A man saw the man that was tried drag a girl from the crashed BMW and heard him shout, 'Run, run'. However, when the man attended an identification parade, whilst he successfully picked the man out from others, he said that he was not sure that he had been the driver. However, it was also heard that the witness already knew the man and that they were both members of the same sports club.

Although the man also denied taking the car without authority, he was convicted of that offence and ordered to do 100 hours community service and to pay the BMW dealer £200 in compensation.

When the judge addressed him, he said, 'You are plainly one of a number of young men who took this car and drove it away. I have no doubt you were in this car when the driver, showing off, crashed it and killed that young woman. You behaved in a cowardly way, running off with the others'.

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