Unsolved Murders

Cheryl Lesley Shackleton

Age: 34

Sex: female

Date: 3 Feb 1991

Place: Telegraph Hill Park, Brockley, South-East London

Cheryl Lesley Shackleton was found beaten to death in Telegraph Hill Park, Brockley.

Her body was partially clothed had been left in a grotesque erotic pose. It was found by a man walking his dog through the park on 3 February 1991. It was also thought that she had been sexually assaulted.

Her cause of death was given as being due to shock, haemorrhaging and a ruptured liver as well as other injuries and exposure to the cold.

It was a month before her body was identified following a television appeal on the programme Crimewatch.

She had recently left Nelson following the breakup of her marriage, selling her house there in Messenger Street. However, it was said that she developed mental health problems and she travelled around the country spending large amounts of money. She was also said to have been carrying a large sum of money on her when she left Nelson.

Whilst married, Cheryl Shackleton had run a jewellery shop with her husband in the Arcade in Colne and later set up a stained-glass business.

Cheryl Shackleton was last seen in New Cross, London in an off-licence. The police said that they didn't know why she had been in Brockley at the time, stating that she had no links or ties there.

She was said to have had a suitcase and handbag with her at the time, but they were never found. It was thought that most of her belongings had been in the suitcase and that she had been living an itinerant lifestyle at the time.

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