Unsolved Murders

Kenneth Neal

Age: 42

Sex: male

Date: 3 Dec 1991

Place: Oxley Street, Rotherhithe

Kenneth Neal was shot dead as he walked to work in Oxley Street, Rotherhithe on 3 December 1991

It was said that his murder was almost certainly the work of a professional hitman. He had been shot three times in the head and chest. The police said that his murder was planned and could have been a contract killing.

It was said that his murderer had laughed aloud as he had run off.

The police said that they found a conspiracy of silence around his murder.

His post mortem stated that he died from firearm wounds to the head and chest.

Kenneth Neal was a British Telecom Field Installation Manager and had worked for BT for 17 years and was described as a caring family man with an unblemished history. He had also worked as a part-time black cab driver.

He had been walking to work at the time and it was noted that he had only started walking to work about two months earlier. He had lived in Strathnairn Street, Rotherhithe, and had worked at a BT branch in Mandela Way, Rotherhithe.

The police said that they could find no reason why anyone would want to murder Kenneth Neal. They said, 'We can find no reason why Mr Neal was murdered. He was a respected family man, of good character, who from what we could gather, had no enemies'.

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