Unsolved Murders

David Norris

Age: unknown

Sex: male

Date: 28 Apr 1991

Place: Regency Square, Belvedere, London

David Norris was shot outside his home in front of his wife on 28 April 1991.

It was said that his murder was a contract killing relating to drug dealing.

Two men were convicted of conspiracy to murder in relation to David Norris's murder and another attempted murder, although the men that they said carried out the murder were acquitted after it was heard that their evidence could not be relied on. The two men convicted of conspiracy to murder had turned Queens evidence and were the Crown's star witnesses.

They said that they had driven the two men to Belvedere to carry out the murder and that they had then gone off on a motorbike to David Norris's house in Regency Square, Belvedere, and shot him and that when they had come back they had driven them off in the car.

They said that the motive for the murder was that David Norris had been a police informer.

It was heard at the trial that two London drug dealers had recruited two Irish men to murder David Norris, paying them £50,000 and given them access to cheap drugs for Ulster.

However, before David Norris's murder, it was heard that another drug dealer was targeted for ripping one of the London drug-dealers off in a drug deal. It was said however that the planning was dogged by bad luck and that one of the men convicted of conspiracy and who was a key prosecution witness in the trial for the conspiracy to murder David Norris charge, then took over and shot the drug dealer himself in the back on 1 April 1991 at Goldner House in Bethnal Green. However, the drug dealer survived.

The man that was convicted of conspiracy to murder said that a few weeks later he and the other man that was also convicted of conspiracy then drove the two alleged hitmen to Belvedere after which the two hitmen then murdered David Norris.

However, at the trial, it was heard that the evidence of one of the men that was convicted of conspiracy to murder's evidence could not be relied upon. He was the man that admitted to shooting the other drug dealer in the back on 1 April 1991 in Bethnal Green.

Both of the men that were convicted of conspiracy to murder were described as supergrasses. The judge said, 'You appreciate the very great difficulties when the two principle witnesses are accomplices of this kind and the evidence of one of them is undermined'.

Although two men were convicted for their part in David Norris's murder, conspiracy, it is not known who murdered him and his murder is as such unsolved.

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