Unsolved Murders

Bobby Glover

Age: 31

Sex: male

Date: 18 Sep 1991

Place: Darleith Street, Shettleston, Glasgow

Joseph Hamlyn and Bobby Glover were shot in a dark blue metallic Orion car which was later found parked up in Darleith Street, Shettleston, Glasgow, a few yards from the Cottage Bar which was the bar that they were thought to operate from with their other gang associates.

They were shot in the head and then in the anus on 18 September 1991, a hit that was said to have later become known as a 'Glasgow send-off'.

It was thought that they had been murder because they had previously been involved in a hit on a well-known local gangster.

It was said that they had been accomplices in the murder of the gangster who was shot on 25 May 1991, and that when the gangster was buried on 19 September 1991, that they had been murdered the night before and strategically placed on the route that the gangsters funeral cortege was to pass, as a message.

Another man was tried for the murder of the gangster, but he was acquitted. It was said that both Joseph Hamlyn and Bobby Glover would have stood trial with the man that was tried for the gangsters murder if they had lived.

Three men were wanted for questioning regarding the murder of Joseph Hamlyn and Bobby Glover, but they all escaped either prison or police custody. One later died of a drug overdose and another was later said to have been living in Spain and to have only had one leg.

Joseph Hamlyn was also known as Joe 'Bananas' Hanlon.

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