Unsolved Murders

Azezaur Khan

Age: 21

Sex: male

Date: 3 Nov 2011

Place: Forest Hill Road, East Dulwich

Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

Azezaur Khan was shot shortly whilst going to a funeral of a friend at the Camberwell Old Cemetery.

He was walking along the Forest Hill Road around 3pm when he was shot several times near to Rockells Place. He was pronounced dead at the scene after having been hit in the stomach.

Another 17-year-old youth was shot in the ankle.

It wasn't thought that he was the intended target and that he had been an innocent bystander or that he had been shot just for attending.

The funeral was for a man that had been associated with the Guns and Shanks (GAS or Gangsters Always Shoot gang) gang from Brixton and who had died in a car crash. The GAS gand had a history of conflict with the nearby Peckham Young Guns gang.

Three people were arrested in association with his murder but no one was charged.

The Metropolitan Police were later criticised for failing to prevent the shooting as they had been aware that there might have been violence at the funeral. It was said that due to several mistakes, no police were sent to attend the event. The Independent Police Complaints Commission said that intelligence was not properly checked, warnings were not passed on, and officers wrongly assumed that colleagues had picked up the work. However, it was heard that another police officer had advised against an overt police presence at the funeral so as not to inflame the situation. It was also heard that a request for a undercover spotter to identify rival gang members was turned down because nobody was available.

It was said that the mother of the man whose funeral it was had asked the police for protection as she was afraid something would happen but that members of the Metropolitan Police had said that they thought that the mother had not wanted any police protection and so not sent any.

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