Unsolved Murders

Ian Clarke

Age: 32

Sex: male

Date: 13 Sep 2001

Place: Tuebrook, Liverpool

Source: www.liverpoolecho.co.uk

Ian Clarke was shot as he sat in his car at some traffic lights outside the Newsham Pub in Tuebrook. He died five days later in hospital at 10.45pm on 13 September 2001.

He was a doorman at the Barcelona bar in the city centre and had worked for Premier Security and was shot as he drove to work on the Saturday at 10pm, 8 September 2001.

A dark Ford Mondeo car was seen to pull up alongside his car at the traffic lights from which a number of shots were then fired. He had at least four gunshot wounds. It was thought that the Ford Mondeo car had done a U-turn after the first volley of shots before firing again.

After the shooting, the Ford Mondeo car drove off at speed towards Breck Road and was later found burned out in Redbrook Street, Anfield.

Ian Clarke was shot after his younger brother was arrested for the murder of a man who was shot in May 2001 and the following month, the man's brother, Tony Lawlor was also shot, a murder which is currently also unsolved. The police said that they were looking into the connection that his murder was a revenge attack for the murder of the man in May 2001 and that he had been shot by a hired professional.

It was thought that his murder had been associated with a gang war to control the nightclub security business across Merseyside.

Although Ian Clarke did not have a criminal record, the police said that he was known to them.

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