Unsolved Murders

David Ungi

Age: 36

Sex: male

Date: 1 May 1995

Place: North Hill Street, Toxteth

David Ungi was shot dead as he drove through Toxteth in Liverpool.

He was shot as he was driving along North Hill Street after a black VW Golf GTi car pulled up in front of his car and a man got out and shot at him with an automatic weapon.

David Ungi was hit twice and tried to run off but collapsed and died at the scene.

It was thought that his murder was gangland related following a fight at a pub in Aigburth Road, Dingle, called Cheers. The feud had begun with an insult made in Cheers that became a street fight that was followed by a shooting and then David Ungi's murder. The argument started after Cheers changed ownership and the new owners failed to hit it off with David Ungi and his friend and David Ungi was barred. After being barred, David Ungi proposed settling the issue with a fist fight, a 'straightener', which took place on 21 March 1995, which David Ungi won. However, it was later rumoured that David Ungi had used knuckledusters and that he had hit the other person from behind.

David Ungi's car was later shot at six weeks later but he was unhurt.

David Ungi was then later shot dead in his car on 1 May 1995.

Cheers was later turned into a dance school.

The police said that they had two main suspects in the murder but that they were both thought to be in Jamaica.

A man was later charged with the attempted murder of David Ungi, but the case was later dropped. It was heard that the feud at Cheers had been between the man and his gangland associates from Granby and David Ungi and his family. The man that had been charged with the attempted murder was himself later shot four times but survived, although he later died from a heart attack.

David Ungi was a former boxing champion and was described at the time as a businessman and an unemployed part-time used car dealer. He was said to have been part of a family that was feared for its toughness.

In the days following his murder there was a shooting at a Vic's Gym in Beech Street, Kensington and an arson attack at the pub, Cheers. Later on the weekend of 20 and 21 May 1995 there were two shootings in which five people were injured and another eight shootings over the following three weeks. A woman was shot five times and a passer-by was also hit in a shooting in the city centre and shots were also fired at the house of one of the men being questioned in David Ungi's murder. One of David Ungi's brother's houses was also shot at.

In 2007 one of David Ungi's three sons was shot at outside a shop by a roundabout at the junction of Melbreck Road and Greenhill Road in Allerton. The shots were fired from a speeding car.

David Ungi's brother was also stabbed at some point in the Old Low Bar  on Lark Lane in a brawl.

One of David Ungi's sons was later associated with involvement in the murder of Vinny Waddington who was shot in 2015. Two men were convicted for Vinny Waddington's murder, who had been shot by three men in a car, but it was thought that the third man was David Ungi's son who left the country via Dover a few hours after the shooting and has not been seen since.

David Ungi's funeral took place at the Our Lady of Mount Carmel RC Church for which thousands of people turned out. It was reported that his family had spent £12,000 on his wake and a cortege of 31 stretch limousines followed by a flatbed lorry covered with flowers took his body to the church.

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