Unsolved Murders

Wayne Lomas

Age: 31

Sex: male

Date: 30 Aug 1988

Place: Greenbank Road, Southville, Bristol

Wayne Lomas was found dead in a slab of concrete at a home in Greenbank Road, Bristol in October 1993.

His remains were found in a one ton slab of concrete hidden beneath the floorboards of a terraced house in Greenbank Road in the Southville area of Bristol. The concrete slab was found on 11 October 1993 when the police raided five homes around south Bristol under a warrant for conspiracy to murder. His remains were identified eleven days later on 19 October 1993 after the police chipped away at the concrete block to reveal them.

The owners of the property had been away on holiday in Spain at the time of the discovery but were said to have not been involved with his murder.

Wayne Lomas had been a car dealer and moneylender and was believed to have had criminal connections. It was thought that he had been the victim of a gangland killing and that he had been given a concrete overcoat. The police said that when he first went missing that they thought that he had been kidnapped but later suspected that he had been murdered. The raids in 1993 were carried out after the police reviewed his case following other recent investigations by the regional crime squad into organised crime in the south Bristol area. It was said that top secret electronic equipment had been used in the searches that had resulted in the concrete slab that Wayne Lomas was entombed in being found. It was said that the police had to remove about 18 inches of earth and other debris before they struck the concrete slab.

Wayne Lomas had been single and living in Westleigh Park in Bristol at the time he disappeared on 30 August 1988. He was first noted as being missing after his neighbours found his house unlocked and his pet dogs running loose in the garden and a meal left out prepared on a table inside and his tumble dryer still running.

Four men were questioned over his murder but released without charge.

A builder from Knowle in Bristol was later convicted of perverting the course of justice after it was found that he had helped to dispose of Wayne Lomas's body knowing that he had been murdered and given a two year prison sentence but was released due to the amount of time that he had spent on remand.

Wayne Lomas had previously been acquitted of attempted murder after he was tried at a Crown Court in 1985 for allegedly shooting a man in the neck and face outside a nightclub in Bristol.

He was from Hengrove.

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